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Relyne’s New Formula is Here

RelyneGI, one of the most researched equine gastric supplements, has been reformulated with a higher quality beta glucan. The research suggests it’s better than ever and the…

Merlin’s May Hours

Please take a note of our May Bank Holiday hours. We will be closed on: Monday 6th May 2024  and Monday 27th May 2024 Wishing you all a happy bank holiday!

BoviLab Blood Analyser: Now Available

BoviLab is a portable blood analyser from FarmLabo. This tabletop device brings you lab-quality results from anywhere, making blood analysis on-site quick and easy. BoviLab is designed for simultaneous…

Webinar Recording: MerlinVet & Hagyard on Equine Gastric Ulcers

The recording is now available from Webinar Vet's Webinar on “Equine gastric ulcers and new research on the effects of a polysaccharides supplement on stomach health,” sponsored and hosted by MerlinVet and Hagyard…

Merlin’s Easter Hours

Please take a note of our Easter Hours for 2024. We will be closed entirely on: Good Friday – Friday 29th March 2024 and Easter Monday – Monday 1st April 2024 We will be back open as…

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