September 2020:  Dectomax Injection is now available from our UK warehouse.

Dectomax injectable (Doramectin 10mg/ml) now available to all UK veterinary surgeons from our UK warehouse. Order online today!

Dectomax is a licensed UK veterinary medicine and is now available to order direct from our warehouse, click here:

We stock an extensive range of Special Import Products. These all require a valid Special Import Certificate – SIC – to enable us to supply the product to our client (registered UK veterinary surgeons only). This is easily applied for using the online VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate)   Special Import Scheme Home Page.

VMD Veterinary Medicines

All our registered veterinary surgeons are reminded that the prescribing vet is personally responsible for the choice of product and, as part of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons, must obtain the owner’s consent for their animal to be treated under the cascade. They must also maintain accurate records.

Food-Producing Animals – Setting withdrawal periods

A withdrawal period is the length of time that must lapse between the final administration of the medicine and the point the animal can be slaughtered to enter the food chain or when produce is taken.

The prescribing vet is required to specify an appropriate withdrawal period when prescribing or administering a medicine to food-producing animals under the cascade. When setting the withdrawal period, the vet must take into account known information about the use of the product on the authorised species when prescribing for another species.

If a product is used as authorised, for example, use of an imported product from another member state, the authorised withdrawal period should be followed.

Where the product is not used as authorised, for example, when a higher dose is used, or a species for which the product is not indicated is treated, then care needs to be taken to ensure that a suitable withdrawal period is set. This ensures that no residues of veterinary medicines above the maximum residue limit remain at the time of slaughter or when produce is taken.

The minimum statutory withdrawal periods are:

  • 7 days for eggs and milk
  • 28 days for meat from poultry and mammals
  • 500 degree days for fish meat

However, in cases where the authorised withdrawal periods are close to, or longer than, the ‘statutory minimum’ withdrawal periods, the vet should consider other factors when setting a suitable withdrawal period. Factors to consider include:

  • The length of the authorised withdrawal period(s)
  • The known pharmacokinetics of the active substance(s) in both the authorised species and the species being treated (if different)

The vet could, for example, increase the authorised withdrawal period by 50% (where a 30 day withdrawal period is authorised in cattle (meat and offal), a 45 day withdrawal period might be suitable for goats).  If a higher dose is given, then a longer period may be warranted.

(Please see the VMD website for full details on prescribing.)

We now stock a comprehensive range of premium quality SilverGlide sutures, specifically designed for the veterinary world.

SilverGlide banner

All SilverGlide sutures are produced with a high quality, swaged on needle in an individual, sterile pack.

SilverGlide sutures are manufactured by a family-run business in Australia, who have been operating for more then 30 years. We import the product into the UK and SilverGlide sutures are exclusively available through us, Merlin Vet UK.

pink suture

SilverGlide are proud to produce veterinary sutures with absolute confidence in their quality, construction and performance.

June 2020:  Trymox LA injection (Amoxycillin) is now available from our UK warehouse.

A broad spectrum antibiotic containing 150mg/ml of Amoxicillin (as Amoxicillin trihydrate). (Similar to Betamox LA).

It is used to treat a wide range of infections such as pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infections, abscesses, wounds and joint infections caused by bacteria sensitive to penicillins.

Target species: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Dogs and Cats.

trymox la

Trymox LA is a licensed UK veterinary medicine and is now available to order direct from our warehouse, click here:

May 2020.  We have supplies available to order of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Infrared Thermometers.  These hand-held temperature guns will read body temperatures from the human forehead accurately within 1 second.
  • Face Masks.  Packs of 50, with ear loops.
  • Nitrile gloves. Packs of 100. Various sizes available.
  • Liquid hand sanitiser. 250ml bottles.
  • Face Visors. Pack of 5. 
    Infrared Thermometer

April 2020:  Foston 20% injection (Toldimphos sodium) is currently out of stock from UK wholesalers, as a recall has been issued for this product.

You may be wondering what products to use as an alternative…

Vigophos 100mg/ml + 0.05mg/ml solution for injection for cattle (Forte) also contains an organic phosphorous source (Butafosfan), with the additional added benefit of Vitamin B12 supplementation (Cyanocobalamin). The sources of phosphorous in Foston and Vigophos are extremely similar.  

Vigophos is a licensed UK veterinary medicine and is now available to order direct from our warehouse, click here:

March 2020:  Vitamin E injection is currently out of stock from UK wholesalers.

We have a Special Import alternative now available in our warehouse:  Vitamin E-Selen-Losung (Kela)


March 2020

Despite these challenging times, we at Merlin Vet, are continuing to work together effectively and safely. At present, we are able to provide our regular service to all clients and will endeavour to fulfill all orders to help our veterinary profession moving forward.

February 2020:  Betamox LA Suspension for Injection 100ml is currently out of stock from UK veterinary wholesalers.

We have a Special Import alternative now available in our warehouse:   Trioxyl LA 150mg/ml Suspension for Injection

April 2020 update: Amoxicillin is now in the regular UK wholesalers and we no longer have any Trioxyl stock in our warehouse.


January 2020:  Norodine 24 solution for injection 100ml is out of stock from UK wholesalers.

We have a Special Import alternative now available in our warehouse: