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Can’t find the medicines you need?
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Here at Merlin Vet we offer UK vets the widest possible range of treatment options for any clinical situation which they may encounter.

Medicines discontinued or out of stock? We’ll find an alternative; in fact, we might already hold it in stock. Our Wholesale Dealers Licence enables us to carry stock of unlicensed product so that when you need it, it’s there for you: fast.*

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We can help you determine the certification you need.

If as a vet you are able to demonstrate clinical need, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) will consider an application for you to use products that may not be licensed in the UK.*

A Special Import Certificate (SIC) issued by the VMD, is needed whenever a veterinary surgeon imports, uses or holds any medicinal product from outside the UK for veterinary use.

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How to apply for a VMD Special Import Certificate

On the VMD website, Special Imports Scheme Home page…

  • Click “I am a Veterinary Surgeon and want to Import…”
  • Enter your RCVS Number and practice name
  • Choose the product from the VMD Special Imports database
  • Choose Merlin Vet Export Ltd as the importer
  • The SIC will be emailed to you. Please download this file.
  • Please upload SIC at the checkout stage of our Special Imports store.

Please note

* Orders can only be fulfilled on production of the relevant documentation from the VMD.

When VMP are supplied under the ‘prescribing cascade’ it must be remembered that this is off licence and as such manufacturers may not accept responsibility for any adverse reactions. It is vital that written informed consent is obtained from the animal owner at the time of supply.

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